holiday catering Menu


Turkey Free Range Natural Certified Humane $4.50 lb
Goose $10.95 lb
Capon $9.95 lb
Lamb Crown $19.95 lb
Bone in Prime Rib eye roast $26.95 lb
Boneless Prime Rib eye roast $29.49 lb
Prime Beef tenderloin tied up $30.99 lb
Spiral Sliced Sugar Glazed Ham approx 9 lbs $79.95 ea


Roasted Carrots and Pepitas Pumpkin Seeds $12.95 Quart
Brussel Sprouts with Cranberries $12.95 Quart
Potato Dauphinois $10.95 Quart
Mashed Potatoes with Caramelized Garlic $8.95 Quart
Orange Glazed Sweet Potatoes $9.95 Quart
Truffle Mac n Cheese $9.95 Quart
Roasted Butternut squash $9.95 Quart
Turkey Gravy $8.95 Quart
Creamed Spinach $10.95 Quart
Butternut Squash Soup $7.95 Quart
Cranberry Sauce $6.96 Pint
Turkey Stuffing $10.95 Quart

Desserts and Rolls

Dutch Apple Pie Made in House $15.95
Pumpkin Pie Made in House $12.95
Tiramisu $15.95
12 Brioche Rolls Small $4.95
Tarta de Santiago Whole $24.95
Roscon de Reyes (Kings Cake) $40.00